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When it comes to Right-of-Way, Paramount Field Services is your go to provider. Our ROW team has experience in handling surface damage negotiations and acquiring right-of-way for crude oil, natural gas, and NGL pipelines, electrical utilities, and wind farms. We analyze potential locations, assist in determining feasibility, and provide GIS maps of potential routes and construction locations.

In an ever-changing environment, our dedication to utilizing the latest technology and always doing the right thing, gives us the EDGE. We understand how important your projects are and act as a seamless extension of our clients. Communication, respect, and transparency are the cornerstone to our continued success in the field.


  • ROW Negotiation and Acquisition: We secure routes for pipelines, transmission lines, fiber optic lines, water lines, roadways, well sites and more. From feasibility studies, route selection, and survey support to settling damages, our team has you covered every step of the way.
  • Title Reports: Our agents, local to the areas they are working, execute a detailed review of all documents and chains of title, curing any gaps or uncertainties to pave a clear vision of surface ownership.
  • GIS Mapping: Our GIS department connects all the data you need to create maps, reports, and assist with data integration/aggregation.
  • Survey Support: We handle land title surveys, construction surveys, unit designation surveys, and well permitting surveys, creating one less person or company you have to deal with in the ROW process.
  • Permitting: We secure all the necessary permits for your project with federal, state, and local regulatory agencies.

Turnkey ROW solutions tailored to your needs

Title services span 15 states with regional expertise

Customized GIS mapping

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