In-House Staffing

In-House Staffing

Our extensive network and ability to deploy quickly make us a first choice for start-up company staffing, companies needing to quickly scale up, or companies that just wants to be more efficient and save money.  Candidates are thoroughly screened and pre-qualified to ensure quality and fit. Contract staffers give our clients the ability to rapidly ramp up and wind down.

  • Stay on top of your workload without inflating G&A budget
  • Work ebbs and flows.  Don’t pay for idle workers – only pay when you need them
  • Hire regional or other subject matter experts on as needed basis
  • Save time and money on HR functions, such as job postings, interviews, contracts, onboarding, and compliance management
  • Positions staffed – Lease Analysts, Division Order Analysts, Administrative or Clerical staff, GIS Analysts, Field Landmen, Surface Landmen, In-House Landmen


Paramount introduces Intelligent Land Operations, which executes all phases of project management based on needs – from managing traditional land service initiatives to completely outsourced land departments to implementing the latest technological innovations.