Back Office Services

Back Office Services

Our full-service land administration department is comprised of experienced Lease Analysts, Division Order Analysts, Land Administrators, GIS Mapping Techs, and Attorneys. We tailor our solutions to fit our clients’ needs (from a single staffer on an as-needed basis to comprehensive, department-level support) to set up, maintain records, and perform other related tasks. We work in all land software systems but have made a special effort to master AI software such as ThoughtTrace.

Land Administration

  • Process mail for regulatory filings
  • Make and track payments such as bonus, delay rental, and shut-in royalty payments
  • Create and maintain ROW line lists

Lease Records

  • Assist in full lease process (acquisition, analysis, maintenance, reporting)
  • Assist in lease integration: input leases, contracts, and wells into any land management system by hand or utilizing artificial intelligence software (AI)
  • Digitize land records for land system integration, as well as online viewing, printing, or sharing from any device
  • Paper or digital setup of lease, tract, contract, and well files
  • Provide analysis of land and lease contracts and calculate WI and NRI
  • Research and analyze regulatory orders
  • Review Production on leased tracts to determine HBP acreage/depths
  • Handle lease extensions and releases
  • Generate monthly Obligation and Expiration reports

Division Orders

  • Set up or receive DOI deck
  • Review and analysis of title opinions, DOTOs, unit designations, title spreadsheets, probate and heirship data, leases, and contracts to establish or change ownership decimal interests
  • Calculate Gross Working Interest (GWI), Net Revenue Interest (NRI), and Overriding Royalty Interests (ORRI) on a lease and depth basis
  • Cure title requirements to establish and update ownership records
  • Manage owner relations; create and mail out Division Order packets, receive executed DOs, and update DOI decks
  • Resolve revenue and JIB discrepancies
  • Audit production for ORRI owners to ensure 100% of funds are received from all WI owners


Paramount introduces Intelligent Land Operations, which executes all phases of project management based on needs – from managing traditional land service initiatives to completely outsourced land departments to implementing the latest technological innovations.