Area Management


Landmen having the responsibility for everything happening within a geographic area is no easy task. When you need added support we have the experience, skillset, and expertise to be your resource and partner.

Our experts have sat in the landman chair for some of the most active exploration and production companies in the country.  Being well-versed in handling all facets of managing an area, we can fulfill the role or supplement your land department.  And in many situations, work performed for your area can be billed directly to the well or prospect, saving you money from the G&A budget and sharing the costs with your partners.

We possess the expertise to understand every obligation and provision of your oil and gas agreements, to timely and effectively manage your assets and prepare them for development, and to be your liaison with your current and future partners.


Reviewing your current organizational structure and workflows and seeking the right service provider who can help you realize the greatest cost savings and efficiencies.

  • Agreement negotiation and execution
  • Broker and vendor management
  • Cursory Title
  • Evaluation of land processes and workflows
  • Evaluation of land software
  • Evaluation of AI automation solutions
  • GIS/mapping
  • Lease check
  • Organizational management and consulting
  • Seismic Permitting
  • Title

Secure Assets

Understanding your leasehold position and obligations and strategically preparing it to maximize future development.

  • Asset negotiation and acquisition
  • Data management
  • Due diligence
  • Farmout agreements
  • Leasing
  • Leasehold trades and strategies
  • Lease and agreement analysis
  • Lease records and administration
  • NPRI ratifications
  • NRI acquisition
  • Surface acquisition and management
  • Term assignments
  • Title examination
  • Title curative

Asset Management

Planning and preparing wells and units to be ahead of the drill schedule when activity resumes.

  • Asset development
  • Asset enhancement
  • Curative services
  • Division orders
  • Drilling unit and well preparation
  • GIS/mapping
  • Lease/agreement/well summaries
  • Non-operated well proposals
  • Poolings and ratifications
  • Production allocation agreements
  • Regulatory support
  • ROW and infrastructure
  • Surface rights and access
  • Survey
  • Title abstracts
  • Title updates

Sale of Asset

Trimming those properties that are not core to your company portfolio.

  • Asset marketing and divestiture
  • Consents to assign
  • Preferential rights to purchase
  • Due diligence
  • Manage defects
  • Virtual data room prep and hosting


  • Everything the traditional brokers do
  • In-house and field area management
  • Well and unit preparation and development
  • Leasehold strategies and value enhancement
  • Software evaluation and implementation
  • Organizational consulting
  • Asset transactions
Traditional Broker
  • Title
  • Leasing
  • Curative
  • Imaging
  • GIS

Paramount Prime embraces forward-thinking and creative solutions that you don’t typically get from a land service company. These unmatched services unlock new opportunities to drive new value, discover new insights and see substantial results.